Book formatting and design services for indie authors

Publishing has changed enormously over the past decade. Writers whose work was excellent, yet had never been able to get their books published can do so now – on their own terms.

Amazon was at the forefront of the movement by making it possible for indie authors to publish and sell their work on Amazon’s massive platform. In the years since, others have entered the indie author marketplace. In addition to, authors can sell their ebooks through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and a host of other outlets.

Indie authors can sell their books in print

It doesn’t stop with eBooks. Authors who wish to do so can publish their work in paperback or hardcover and in a large variety of sizes. To some of those authors, the technical side of having their work available across the marketplace is an easily doable task.

To others – those who don’t the time, or don’t feel they have the skills to do so – the thought of having to navigate the technical side of publishing a book is enough to dissuade them. After all, the books have to be edited, formatted for ebook, formatted for print with separate formatting and files for standard and large print, have covers designed and more.

Then there is the task of learning how to upload their work to the various distributors and outlets.

book formatting into digital format

Book formatting and other services for indie authors

That’s where we come in. On a limited and selective basis we help indie authors take their work from a MS Word or Scrivener file to ebook or print book. We are here to help you on a project by project basis with book formatting, interior layout, and design services for indie authors..

First, we are not editors. We start with your properly edited book file.

We do not take any part of your royalties. We don’t want any rights to your book. We won’t sell you or give you an ISBN, then show us as your publisher of record. We will not own your copyright.

We are like the mechanic you take your car to. You tell us what you need done. We discuss it and decide whether we’re the right match for your project. We provide you with a fairly priced estimate or quote. You agree to let us do the work.

We do the work and after the account is settled you leave with all your files, ready to send out into the world. A recommendation to your friends would be nice, but even that is not required. You’ll owe us nothing beyond paying for the work that you agreed to have us do for you.

We don’t host your books for sale on our websites. But we can provide website creation and hosting to authors in a way that makes it a painless for you to have your own online presence and to make your book available for order at booksellers around the world.

As with all our services, we want to stand in the background and do what we can to help you succeed and see your dreams come true.

We cannot and will not promise you the moon, that your book will sell any certain number of copies. Anyone who does that is, in our opinion, either ignorant of the indie publishing world or just not being completely forthright. We can, and do, promise you that we will work hard to produce a book that you can be proud to market.

Learn more about our services for indie authors here.

Your Benefits:

You own your copyright.

You own 100% of your royalties

You own your ISBN

You own your book files

You decide where to sell your books.

The process is as painless as possible.