Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we’ve included answers to a number of questions that you might have. They are divided by category for your convenience. If you still have questions after looking over this page, please feel free to contact us.

Book Production Assistance

Can we sell our books on your website?

We do not sell books on However, we can assist you in making your books available for order around the world. We can coach you in how to upload your own eBooks to Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and others. We can also assist you in making your print book available for order at booksellers. Note that we do not promise to get your books onto the shelves at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, etc. but they could be available for order at those outlets and more.

Can you work from a handwritten manuscript?

We much prefer to work with an already edited digital file such as MS word, or Scrivener. Mama always said, “Never say never.” But we will say, it would have to be an extremely extenuating circumstance before we would accept a handwritten manuscript. We have transcribed manuscripts from hand-written into digital, but it can be a very time-consuming task. We are a small company with limited staff and prefer not to take on such transcriptions.

Do you take my copyright?

Absolutely not! You’ve worked hard for months or even years on your book. It’s your work and your copyright. You will never hear us ask for any form of ownership over your work.

Do you work with unpublished authors?

Yes, we do. Our focus is on helping independent authors see their work in print. We will work with indie authors whether they’ve previously seen their work in print or not.

How much of my royalties does Quiet Place Media take?

Zero! We do not want any part of your royalties. You pay us for the book production service we provide for you, then you earn 100% of the royalties that are paid to you by the distributors where your books are listed.

I heard that using your ISBN would make you the publisher of record on my book.

That could be true if we were to “sell” you one of our ISBNs. But we won’t do that. We can tell you how to get your own ISBN and become your own publisher of record. We have ISBNs on the books that we have authored and published ourselves, but it is not always necessary to have one. For example, you won’t be required to have an ISBN if you submit your own eBook to Amazon.

I need my book edited. Can you help me?

Sorry, but Quiet Place Media does not offer editing services. We start with an edited digital file and format the manuscript for print or eBook.

What do you charge for your book productions services?

With the exception of fiction book formatting, we do not post prices for book production assistance. Every project is different and is priced accordingly, depending upon the amount of time and labor involved. You can see our price list here.

Website Creation

Can you provide the "legal" pages - privacy, affiliate disclosure, etc.?

Privacy policies are important for any website that takes personal information from their visitors – contact forms, shopping carts, membership sites, etc.. Sites that earn any amount of money from reviews or affiliate programs are required to have an affiliate disclosure. Amazon requires a specific disclosure if your site earns money referring its visitors to There are also terms and conditions pages and service level agreements that some websites need.

We are not attorneys. We use a third party service that creates your legal pages, then automatically keeps them current as laws in different states and countries change.

We’ll be happy to add those pages to your website. Contact us for more information.

Do I have to provide photos or articles?

No, you are not required to provide your own photos or articles. However, it will almost certainly save you time and money if you have them to provide us.

One particularly important piece of art is your logo. If you have the original artwork of your logo, we can use that to create a logo image for your website. High quality images are extremely important in creating a high quality website.

Likewise, it can save you money if you can provide text to use in the creation or your website. For example, brochures, posters, and blog posts about your business are good sources for text to use on your website.

We strongly caution against the use of copyrighted images or text that you find on the internet unless you own the copyright or have been legally granted permission to use the material in question.

Do you guarantee your website creation work?

We guarantee that the website which we present to the client upon completion functions and appears as set out in our work agreement. We will continue to maintain the site in that condition when the client has a managed WordPress hosting agreement with us.

We do not guarantee that the site will continue to look and function as intended beyond the delivery date if the client refuses to sign a managed WordPress hosting agreement with us. The reason is simple but not always obvious to new website owners. If we release the website to a client without a managed hosting agreement, then the owner decides he or she would like to go in and make changes to the site, but accidentally wrecks the site in the process, the cost for us to repair the damage will be billed to the client at our then current hourly labor rate. There is no way we can be responsible for damage done to a website that we do not manage because we cannot control the actions of the owner.

In addition, we will not guarantee the continued functionality of a website that we create if the owner later decides to move the site from our hosting service to that of a different company. The reason is that while most web hosts can successfully host WordPress based websites, it is possible that a very complex website may require higher server specifications. We cannot control the configuration of servers that we do not manage.

I want a website, but I know absolutely nothing about how they work or how to maintain them.
You are not alone. There are many website owners in the same position as you. We can help you by taking away the worry of maintaining your new website.

We offer WordPress Maintenance Hosting to our website creation clients. At it’s most basic level, maintenance hosting takes care of anything on the server that needs to be updated. In that case of a WordPress based site, that includes WordPress updates which happen every few weeks, theme and plugin updates which happen as required to stay secure and to match the current version of WordPress, and frequent backups in the off-chance that something happened and we needed to restore your site.

We can also negotiate to do content updates and other areas of maintenance as well. If there is a specific thing that you have a question about, feel free to contact us.

What's the difference between pre-priced websites and custom websites?

Because it allows us to provide you with a fully functional website with a wide array of options within a relatively short period of time, we primarily use WordPress to develop websites. Both our pre-priced and most custom websites are based on WordPress.

The quality of workmanship and the care we give your project is the same on pre-priced and custom sites. They all start with the same foundation and have the same basic functionality. They all have these basics:

  • Blog
  • Contact Page
  • Responsive Design (Mobile-friendly)

We work to give you a website that matches your business’s color scheme, if any. No two pre-priced websites will be exactly the same, even though they start with the same foundation. We don’t use cookie-cutter designs.

Custom websites are appropriate for people who want websites with added functionality above and beyond any of the pre-priced levels. Added functionality might include:

  • Photo albums
  • Food menus
  • Shopping carts
  • The ability to accept payments
  • Long, multi-page forms
  • Music or video players
  • Appointment calendars
  • Forums
  • Membership sites

The possibilities are far too many to list here. You may not want a blog, but you’d like to have parallax images and other complexities. The point is that the custom website creation involves much more labor and possibly added functions that involve an outside cost to include. Therefore the cost is commensurate with the artistic and technical labor involved.

Can you create a website for me if I live across the country from you?

We certainly can! We can handle your entire project online and most cases, prefer to do it that way. So it doesn’t matter where you live. We do like to have telephone communication as well. Some things are better explained or discussed by phone. We will work via online messaging primarily, though. And completely, if possible.

Do you create websites for any and all subjects?

We are very much about freedom of speech and expression. We respect everyone’s right to their own likes, dislikes, and beliefs about such things, but one way we exercise our own freedoms is to never knowingly create or host a website that is used to disseminate information which promotes prejudice, hatred, or bigotry in any of it forms, whether based on politics, religion, sexuality, race, or nationality. 

Without personal judgement on the person who asks us to do so, we will also not create or host websites of a sexually provocative nature.

Managed Website Hosting

Do you provide managed WordPress hosting to everyone?

No, we don’t. The reason is that if we are to provide the best experience for our clients, it starts with us knowing the ins and outs of the website you are hosting.

Quiet Place Media might be considered a boutique web host. We are a small company who would rather give all of our clients a great experience. We do that best via managed WordPress hosting to clients who we have created websites for. In that way, we can provide the best possible experience from the beginning until after the site becomes public.

What does managed WordPress hosting include?

At Quiet Place Media our managed WordPress hosting includes all WordPress updates, all theme updates, all plugin updates, and more.

We monitor your site for uptime and are notified if there is a problem with your site. We make sure that you have frequent off-site backups.

In short, we do everything we can to insure that you have a worry-free experience when you have managed WordPress hosting with Quiet Place Media.

Payment questions

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, specifically Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept Apple Pay and PayPal. In the case of some known businesses that are local to us, we accept checks. Our preference is to handle all payments online. It is a quicker and more efficient method for us.

When is payment due?

For hosting clients who pay on a monthly basis, one month’s payment is due when the service is ordered. For hosting clients who pay on an annual basis, one year’s payment is due when the service is ordered. Renewals occur on the same calendar date as the original payment.

For domain purchases, payment is due when the domain name is purchased. There is no exception to this policy. Payment for domains is handled via the domain sellers, not us.

For website creation services, payment is generally made in steps. One half is due before the project is started. The final half is due when the site is finished and the client gives final acceptance for the work we’ve done. On some large projects, three payments may be required – 1/2 before starting the project, 1/4 half-way to finish, and the final 1/4 when the site is complete. Other plans may be worked out on a case by case basis.

Who handles your credit card transactions?

We use Braintree for most credit card transactions, Apple Pay, and PayPal. We use Stripe as a backup processor. We do not store your card information on our computers.

Email Accounts

Can I have an email address like

Yes, you can have custom email addresses at Depending upon the hosting package you have, you can set up at least five different email addresses. For example, you could have,, and

Let us know if you need email addresses set up. We’ll be glad to help you with it.

Can I see my website email in Gmail?

Yes, you can. You forward your email from your hosting account to your Gmail account. You inbound email will show in your Gmail inbox.

You can also set Gmail up so that you can reply to your website email within Gmail, but using your hosting account SMTP (sending) settings.

Does my email have spam protection?

Yes, it does. Send us a message through our contact portal if you have specific concerns about spam in your account.

Will my website email work in email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird?

Yes, it will. Your hosting account email will work in Outlook, Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple mail, Spark mail, and many more. Basically, any email client software that can connect to POP3 or imap email accounts should be able to handle your hosting account email.

If you want to be able to see your email on multiple devices, you should set your email up as imap. If you want to download your email to your computer as in comes in, and not save a copy anywhere else, use POP3 settings.

We can provide you with the server settings you’ll need to incorporate your hosting account email into your email software.

WordPress Hosting

Will WordPress run on Quiet Place Media servers?

Yes, WordPress runs very well on our servers.

How do I install WordPress?

WordPress can be installed multiple ways. But the easiest is by using the Softaculous application installation tool which is preinstalled on all our hosting accounts.

If you are uncomfortable with technology like servers, we’ll be happy to install WordPress for you.

Does WordPress require upkeep or maintenance?

The short answer is, absolutely! WordPress is a piece of software that runs on your server. Like the apps on your phone or your laptop, it must be updated regularly. In order for your WordPress website to run safely and securely, it is imperative that your copy of WordPress be kept up to date.

You could look at WordPress as the engine that powers your website – the part under the hood, so to speak. The public part that your site visitors see is controlled by a theme which is installed in WordPress. If your site has additional functionality like appointment calendars, food menus, etc., it is likely that those parts exist because of plugins which are added to WordPress to provide additional functionality.

In addition to keeping WordPress itself up to date, it is vital that you keep the themes and plugins up to date.

Who is responsible for keeping WordPress up to date?

In short, the website owner is responsible for keeping any software that runs on Quiet Place Media hosting up to date.

If you are tech-savvy and are able to do it yourself, you may do so. However, so that we can better serve our clients with a trouble-free online presence, we prefer to handle all back-end service.

To have us handle all the technical bits of owning and maintaining a website, you can request our Managed WordPress Hosting.

Miscellaneous Questions

Is Quiet Place Media located in the United States?

Yes, we are located in the United States, in rural Tennessee. We are well connected to the rest of the world, though, thanks to reliable Internet service.

Domain Names

Can I have any domain name I want?

You may be able to buy the exact domain name you want. But it may already be taken. The more unusual or obscure the name is, the more likely it is that it will be available.

Your chosen domain may not be available as a .com (which we prefer for our own sites and recommend), but is available as a .co or .info, for example. Try first for your chosen name. If it’s available, great! If not, experiment with other names until you find one that is available.

Can I have more than one domain name for my website?

Yes, you certainly may have more than one domain pointing to your website. It is common for website owners to have and, etc. pointing to their website. If that is something you’d like to do, let us know. We’ll be happy to set that up for you.

Can I purchase a domain name through Quiet Place Media and host my website elsewhere?

We no longer sell domain names ourselves, but will gladly refer you to the domain providers that we personally use. Any of the domain name providers we use and recommend will allow you to host your site anywhere you wish.

If I buy a domain name is it mine forever?

Yes, or no. Domain names have to be renewed at least annually. The maximum length of time you are allowed to register a domain is ten years. When you purchase a domain name, it is yours as long as you pay your renewals in a timely manner. If you let it lapse, it may be returned to the market where someone else could purchase it.

Hosting Server Questions

Can I add txt records, etc. to my DNS information?

Yes, you can. Some services, such as AWS mail services or mailing service providers may ask for a record to be added to the DNS on your server. If you should need that done and don’t know how, let us know. We’ll be glad to help you with it.

Can I run more than one program on my server?

Yes, you can, depending on the hosting package you have. You are allowed to run up to 3 databases on our lowest hosting tier and more on the higher tiers.

It is possible to run other software on a subdomain and your public site on the primary domain. For example, you can might run an invoicing program or a mailing list management system in a subdomain. Keep in mind that the size of operation you could run on a site depends upon the server resources allocated to your plan. Most creatives or small businesses should be able to do this with no noticeable decline in server performance.

Can PHP adjustments be made on your servers?

Most software such WordPress, Joomla, and others that run on PHP and MySQL have minimum settings that they require in order to run smoothly. Most of those settings can be adjusted in your cPanel. If you don’t know how to do that, we’ll be happy to help you with it.

Is my server kept up to date?

Yes, your server is kept to date. This insures that your site is the safest and most secure that it can be.

Who manages my server?

Quiet Place Media prefers to manage the hosting (server) for our clients. It is not required that you use our managed WordPress hosting, but doing so allows us to give you, our client, the best service possible.

Our extended time website creation guarantee is tied to clients using our managed WordPress hosting service.

Will I be able to access the server control panel on my hosting account?

Yes, if you need to. All of our hosting accounts come with cPanel where you can add email addresses, change PHP versions, and much more. Most of our clients don’t want to be bothered with such things, so we take care of anything for them that might require logging into the “back-end”.

Let us know if you need to log in. You will receive an email when you set up hosting with us that contains some details you’d need to log in, set up email addresses, etc.. If you still need help, let us know.

Will my website have an SSL certificate?

Yes, it will. Every website we host comes with a free Let’s Encrypt domain based SSL certificate. It will cover your primary domain and sub-domains.