Compensation Disclosure

We participate in certain product and service affiliate programs managed by ShareASale, Impact Radius, Rakuten Marketing, Commission Junction, and others. This means that we earn fees by linking to their products or services on our Website or by otherwise referring clients to them.

Some services that we provide and recommend may be carried out by companies with which we have an affiliate agreement. Clients pay no more for the service when purchased via our link or referral than if they had purchased directly from the service vendor. These agreements help us keep our prices affordable while at the same time, providing our customers with high quality services without us having to mark up the third party product or service. The client will be notified of the connection prior to acceptance of the service offered.

We will only recommend products or services that we have used or that we are familiar with to the extent that we feel confident in referring our clients to that particular product or service.

The fact that we participate in these affiliate programs means that we are compensated when you click on certain links that are in some pages of this website. REST ASSURED THAT WE WILL NEVER RECOMMEND A PRODUCT OR SERVICE SIMPLY BECAUSE SOMEONE PAID US TO DO SO. As a matter of integrity, we will not recommend any product or service if we are not satisfied that our clients will have a good experience, no matter how much we might be offered to promote the product or service.

Feel free to contact us if you should have questions concerning our compensation disclosure.