Professional Website Creation

No matter which you choose – one of our lower cost website creation packages, or a higher priced custom website, we will give you the same quality and the same level of service after the sale. The difference between the levels is not in quality, but in the complexity, features, and time involved in creating the site for you.

Whichever web creation route you take, once final payment has been made, you will own the website files and can do with them whatever you wish. You will own the copyright to your website files as they exist when we release them to you. Visit our portfolio here.

Main Features:

High Quality
Mobile Friendly
Built on WordPress
Full Ownership Rights

Contact us for a custom website creation or one of the following basic websites.

Have Questions?

Have Questions?

Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly

cPanel is a backend administration interface that makes it easy for you to manage your website.
Your website will be fully responsive and mobile friendly.
Our websites meet Google’s requirements for inclusion in its mobile-first index.
With more than 80% of online searches taking place on mobile devices, it is crucial that your website is mobile friendly and completely responsive.
website creation services - mobile friendly

Included with all packages as standard:

The following are a standard part of every website creation package we deliver.

Built on WordPress

We use WordPress as the foundation for your site because of its versatility and because it allows us to finish your site as quickly as you need it.

Fully Responsive Website

All of our website creations as fully responsive and mobile friendly so your customers can see clearly what you offer, no matter what device they own.

Our Work is Guaranteed

Your website is guaranteed to be fully operational as the date final payment is made. Ongoing maintenance is available. See below.

Customized for You

We don’t do “cookie cutter” work. We work with you to customize your site to full extent we can given the package you select.

Available with all packages as upgrades:

The following are available with every website creation package we deliver.

High Quality Hosting

We prefer to install your new website on our servers. Standard hosting starts at $8.00 per month. Managed web hosting is also available for sites we create.

Custom Domain Names

We can assist you in selecting your own domain name. Your visitors will find you by typing in the domain name you chose. Prices vary, depending upon which domain you choose – .com, .info, etc..

Website Maintenance

People sometimes fail to understand that all website require routine maintenance to keep them at their ultimate performance and security. Our WordPress Managed Hosting package takes that worry away.

Additional Features

Shopping cart
Multi-page complex forms
Filterable food menus
Mailing list signup forms
Appointment calendars
Event calendars
Music players
Photo galleries
Forums and more