Domain Names

As a website owner, you’ll need your own domain name.

One of the most important things a person or company can do to establish their online presence is to purchase their own domain name. You want your online address to be something like, which is simple and easy to say or write.

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In some common scenarios website owners are forced to use addresses like Such website addresses simply do not appear as professional as those that have their own domain name. With your own domain name you can have the simpler address in the previous paragraph. You can take that domain name with you. If you decide to move your site to a different hosting service for some reason, your domain name is yours to move wherever you wish.

If you need a new website to go with your domain name, we’d love to help you with that. Learn more about our website creation services here.

Benefits of owning your domain name:

You register it in your name.

You own the rights to it.

You can register it for one or more years duration.

You can move it with your website, even if you change web hosting companies.

You can name it whatever you wish, provided no one else has registered the name.

With your own domain name, you will have more control over the future of your website.

About buying your domain name

About buying your domain name

At Quiet Place Media we’re not about high powered sales pitches. We’re not about being the biggest. We’re focused on giving you the highest level of service that we can. That’s why we recently made the decision to no longer sell domain names. Instead, we’ll refer you to the services that we use when we buy domain names for our own websites.

Domain names are purchased for different time periods. The minimum is one year. The maximum is ten years. Wherever you register your domain name, you will be reminded when a renewal is coming up. It will be your responsibility to renew. Unless you have set up automatic renewals with your domain registrar, it will expire if you fail to renew it.

Common top level domains such as .com are very reasonably priced. Some of the newer, less common, ones can be considerably more expensive. More common domains such as .com, .net, etc. that have not been taken are always priced within reach of anyone.

Protect Your Privacy

You can select the option to protect your privacy. We recommend this option in cases where you’d prefer to keep the domain owners name invisible to whois searches.

DNS Control

DNS records dictate which website will be displayed when someone types your domain name in their browser. You can set your DNS records to point to any server where your web site is hosted. Of course, we hope your site will be hosted with Quiet Place Media.

Your Choice of Names

As long as no one else has registered your desired domain name, you can get it as easily as anyone. If it has been registered, slight variations are often available. 

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Common Domain Features You’ll Want

These are some important domain name features that you’ll need or want in order to use your domain name securely and easily.

Domain Locking

Domain names can be hijacked. In proportion to the total number of names that are registered, the chances are fairly low. You can protect your domain from being hijacked by using the security features offered by the domain registrar.

Branded Email Addresses

You can set up your own email branded addresses with your hosting account. An example would be You may also use your domain with external email services.

Total DNS Control

DNS (Domain Name System) is basically part of the worldwide website addressing system. Easily adjust your DNS settings as needed. (Note that some web hosts may restrict the use of 3rd party DNS services.)

Our Recommended Domain Name Services

We use several domain name services. We have used the following companies for several years and have had no complaints about any of them. They are easy to do business with.